Trends in Marketing Photos of Homes for Sale

Do you recall when you first got to see photos of homes for sale on the marketing flyers?  I wasn’t a Realtor way back then, but I was a hopeful home seller, demanding that my Ace Agent definitely take a (as in one, single, solitary)  beautiful and compelling photograph of our Irvine home, then take the negative to the local FotoMat and get 50 reprints and staple one of the photos to each of the flyers he typed up and took to the local library to Xerox.  I planted new colorful flowers in the front yard in preparation for the momentous photo shoot.  Fast forward just a few inches of tape and you’re into the early nineties when digital photos and home details were first available on line. We’ve come a long way since then, and what used to apply only to uber expensive mansions is now popping up more frequently for even the smallest of condos.  Here’s a look at the top five types of marketing photos that are trickling down from the high end luxury homes and now appearing for everyday homes with greater frequency.

  1. Twilight photos – these are the shots that require the professional photographer to come back an hour before twilight, make sure all the indoor and outdoor lights are on and the driveway is hosed down to capture the reflection of the lights.Once the sky turns the perfect shade of cerulean, lapis, and azure (you’ll want several blues to choose from) the shutter starts clicking away in search of that perfect shot to make the house look as dramatic as possible.
  2. Sunset photos – not to be confused with twilight photos, here you are going for the fire colors in the sky – all possible variations of red, orange, and yellow.These require the same prep as the Twilight photos; you’re just looking to capture a brilliant sunset in the front, back or side of the house. 
  3. Arial photos – these are the shots that require the hiring of not only a professional photographer with a super long zoom lens, but also a helicopter and pilot with experience buzzing local communities, who can line up the beautiful California coastline behind the featured home, then swing around and come back from the other direction and show case the local mountains in the back ground.
  4. Drone photos – similar to helicopter shots, but drones can go as high so you tend to just get the total view of the home from above, showing the placement on the lot and the position in the neighborhood rather than the coastal and mountain perspectives.
  5. Magic photos – these are the shots that uniquely balance the indoor light with the outdoor light, so you can see all the inside details and also see the crisp blue sky and beautiful white fluffy clouds through the windows.   This is a notch up in photography and processing from the bright white interiors and the blazing glare of the flash bouncing off the windows in less sophisticated pictures. 

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