Termites are Abundant in Orange County

Termites are abundant in Southern California.  When they are found flying around inside the house that’s in escrow, and the solution is to tent the house in order to complete the extermination process, which calls for injecting the house with lethal gas to get to all the termites throughout the entire house including the nooks and crannies that are inaccessible to humans, there are some steps to consider and consequences to plan for – namely bagging, moving and fixing.

Bagging – This is the first step in the tenting process which requires you to place most of your food and medicine, and your pet’s food, in special bags to protect it from the lethal gas that will soon fill the house.  You’ll get the bags, as well as a set of directions about what needs to be bagged and what can go commando during the gassing process, from the fumigation company.  The Kombucha that you’re fermenting may need special handling and may not be a line item on the bagging list you receive from the fumigation company, as may some of your priceless spirits and expensive dietary supplements.  When in doubt, you can always call the fumigation company and ask.  Make a point to check all the drawers, shelves, and cabinets inside the house and in the garage.  When in doubt, bag it!

Moving – Since you can’t bag yourself, you’ll need to vacate the house before they seal the tent and hook up the hose to the lethal gas.  You’ll need to stay away for two days while the gas does its thing.  You have to pack the suitcases, find accommodations – for you and your pets – and re-calculate your commuting routines if you have work, school, or other places to be during those two days. Don’t forget the school books, homework assignments, and all electronic devices and their chargers.

Fixing – The guys and gals who put the tent on your house are going to have to walk on your roof to properly install the tent to insure the house will contain the lethal gas long enough to kill all the termites.  When you walk on roof tiles, some of them are likely to break.  If you are the home seller, make sure you know exactly how many tiles the tenters break by requiring a before and after count of broken tiles and photos to back up the numbers.  Then make sure you know who’s going to pay for the replacement tiles, the labor to make the tile replacements, and the timing of getting the work done, especially if you need to show the buyer that the roof is in good condition prior to the close of escrow.

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