Safety First For Mission Viejo Home Sellers

Safety First for Mission Viejo House Sellers

It is stressful enough for Mission Viejo house sellers to get ready to sell and have the house listed in the MLS for all the world to see.  There’s another thing for Mission Viejo house sellers to be stressed about, and that is security.  Here are the top five things for all Mission Viejo house sellers to put on their check list  while the house is on the market to make sure your house is safe, your people are safe, and your belongings are safe.

  1. Check the doors –  Every time you come home or leave home, check to make sure all of your doors are locked.  Yes, the Realtors are on the record as entering your home when they use the lock box, but they cannot watch everything their clients do while they are inside your house.  Especially if the buyers are a family of five, including three teenagers.  The family members often go separate ways.  It is not out of the realm of possibility that someone may go through the side garage door to get to the back yard and the Realtor had no idea the door had even been used and was left unlocked.
  2. Check the windows –  Every time you come home or leave home check to make sure the windows are closed and locked. Especially on the ground floor.  Don’t give anybody a way to get into your house without a key when you’re not home.
  3. Check the valuables –  My best words of advice for anything you’d have to loose, put it out of sight and make it inaccessible.  This includes credit cards, laptops,  iPads, iPhones, tablets, watches, all jewelry, purses, game controllers, and even stuffed animals. Yes, buyers do open drawers, cabinets, and closets.  However, they typically do not go digging into your things.  So if you can put your valuables where no one can see them, and wouldn’t be able to find them, you should be well protected from losing them.
  4. Check the drugs – Prescription meds are another thing to be mindful of while your house is for sale.  Take your pill bottles out of the normal places like medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers and put them away where no one can see them.  These items are easy for anyone to slip into their pocket without being seen.
  5. Check the firearms -  The last thing you want is for any of your guns to get into the wrong hands.   If you have access to off-site storage, I’d strongly suggest re-positioning all of your guns and ammunition off-site while you are on the market.  If that isn’t an option for you, it is imperative the guns and ammo be kept in locked storage.  Whatever you choose to do, making the guns in your house out of sight and completely inaccessible is the thing to do to keep everyone safe.

Mission Viejo house sellers don’t want to be the victim of theft or put themselves or anyone else in danger.  But you must realize that your address is on the internet being advertised to a global audience.  Be safe.

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